The European platform for the promotion of recycled content in C&I packaging.

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The aim of myrecycledcontent is to facilitate the use of recycled content in plastic C&I packaging by bringing together suppliers on a single European platform.

We ensure that all products listed on the platform have the necessary certification and make our database available to all users of plastic C&I packaging throughout Europe.

The phoenix

The phoenix resurrecting from the ashes and getting an eternal life was selected as symbol for plastics which can be recycled into new products.

Info for national organisations

myrecycledcontent gives you the opportunity to access a database of suppliers of C&I packaging with recycled content and to share this information with brand owners active in your country.

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Our platform only offers a listing of plastic C&I packaging with recycled content. It does not sell the items and does not provide any price information.
However, you have access to the contact details of the various suppliers in case you want to contact them for further information or to place an order.
As legal requirements for recycled content are state-specific, you will be redirected to the website related to your country.
Following national organisations use information mentioned in the myRecycledContent database for C&I plastic packaging in their national websites.

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By listing plastic C&I packaging made from recycled plastics in our database, your company can enhance its image and gain a competitive advantage.

Our platform only offers a listing of items with recycled content. It does not allow the items to be marketed and does not provide any price information. It does not allow you to list products made of virgin plastics.

As a supplier, you must have a certificate (minimum level 2) confirming the share of PCR, PIR or bio-based content in your product item. We recommend working with certification schemes affiliated with Polycert Europe or with RecyClass Recycled Plastics Certification.


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