I am a supplier and I want to list my plastic products made from recycled material

By registering, you will have access to a personal space to encode or update your plastic products with recycled content.

These will then be listed free of charge on the site.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you have a certification of the share of recycled content for the products you wish to list on this site.

You will be asked to undertake following commitments for the products you want to list in the database:

  • Engagement 1 1

    I offer my customers circular plastic products, i.e. made from PCR, PIR or containing bio-based plastic. I ensure that the official documents (invoice, order form, delivery slip, etc.) to my customers mention at least the supplied tonnage and the share of PCR, PIR and bio-based content per product type.

  • Engagement 2 1

    As a producer, I follow, during the design phase, Design for Recycling guidelines. As a wholesaler I request my manufacturer, during the design phase, to follow Design for Recycling guidelines (RecyClass is recommended).

  • Engagement 3 1

    As a producer, I work with EuCertPlast certified (or equivalent) recyclers. As a wholesaler, I request my manufacturer to work with EuCertPlast certified (or equivalent) recyclers.

  • Engagement 4 1

    As a producer I have my products with recycled content certified by a certification scheme compliant with EN 15343:2008. The declarations on the types of recycled materials comply with ISO 14021. Certification schemes affiliated with Polycert Europe or RecyClass Recycled Plastics Certification  or equivalent comply with these standards. I agree to share a copy of the certificate with the MyRecycledContent platform (this content will not be shared with users of the platform). As a wholesaler I request the producer to have his products certified by a compliant certification scheme and I have a copy of the certificates.  

  • Engagement 5 1

    I undertake to communicate correct and complete information and to update on a regular basis any changes to the specifics of my circular products and the new circular products my company sells.

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